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13 Sep

September 2017 Special - Green Polyester

By m_oliver With 0 Comments

Saint Gobain M887 offers a high tack silicone adhesive system for masking, powder coating, and splicing.  M887 removes from substrates without adhesive transfer or residue and is resistant to corrosive chemicals and is tear and break resistant.  Ask your sales representative for your free sample today.

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02 Aug

August 2017 Duct Tape Special!

By m_oliver With 0 Comments
PC-460 Shurgrip Utility Grade, Co-Extruded Cloth Duct Tape. Silver. Typical applications are for non-critical, general use in packaging, bundling, and sealing, repairing, holding and waterproofing.  It is also used in the remediation/abatement industry as a gooseneck tape.  PC-460 has good conformability.  It will not twist or curl during application.  It is made using  Polybonded CO-EX Technology.
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03 May

May 2017 High Temperature Polyimide Tape Special!

By moliver With 0 Comments

Check out the May special of High Temperature Polyimide Tape! We have Kapton™ brand and alternatives too! If you have a need for a tape that will protect gold contacts during the hot air wave solder leveling process, then this is for you. It is widely used for electrical insulation on transformers, motors, coils, PCB masking etc.

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02 Feb

Use Tape for These 4 Household Projects

By mcampbell With 0 Comments

Winter is an ideal time to take on some household projects, from small changes to full-scale renovations. You don’t always need heavy or expensive tools to get started, since some household projects can be completed with the right kind of tape. If you're working on getting your DIY checklist finished this weekend, pick up some tape and start on one of these tape-friendly projects.


Teflon Tape Stops Leaks in Their Tracks


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23 Jan

Choosing the Right Tape for Your Project

By mcampbell With 0 Comments

The word “tape” doesn't simply encompass Scotch or duct tape, even though these are very common types. Many other types exist, so it’s crucial to choose the right one for your particular project. For example, some are built for weatherproofing while others will disintegrate at the first drop of rain. It's important to know the myriad differences between adhesive tape types to determine which one you need to use.

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15 Jan

3 Ways Tape Can Help Your Technological Devices

By mcampbell With 0 Comments

In today’s tech-driven world, most people don’t consider tape as a go-to repair device or standard household item. In some cases, it can be a magical cure-all for digital ailments. From the way devices are packaged to how they're used and repaired, tape plays a vital role in this field.


Fix Your Broken Laptop With Electrical Tape

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08 Dec

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Magnetic Tape

By mcampbell With 0 Comments

Magnets are handy, and tape is great, but when you combine the two, you get something truly special. Magnetic tape has a decorated history and is still used today for technical applications. It is also perfect for fun projects and handy household hacks.

The History of Magnetic Tape

The idea of recording sound via a magnetic signal was first thought of in 1888. For the next few decades, the Germans led the efforts to improve magnetic recording. In 1929, a magnetic recording tape was patented, and the magnetophone was invented.

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