3 Ways Tape Can Help Your Technological Devices

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In today’s tech-driven world, most people don’t consider tape as a go-to repair device or standard household item. In some cases, it can be a magical cure-all for digital ailments. From the way devices are packaged to how they're used and repaired, tape plays a vital role in this field.


Fix Your Broken Laptop With Electrical Tape

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), which monitors the safety of employees, considers it a good practice to repair damaged cords with electrical tape if the damage doesn’t extend beyond the jacket. In the case of repairing a frayed laptop charger, Computer World recommends using electrical tape, a silicone sealant, and painter’s tape to protect work surfaces.

If you find yourself with a damaged computer cord, you have two options: seal the fray with a silicone sealant, or wrap the cord in electrical tape. Both of these solutions will keep the frayed cord in place while reducing the fire hazard.


Store a Ton of Data on Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape was originally invented to record sound and store data. From the 1950's to the 1980's, tape was the primary method of storing computer data. The earliest PCs used audio cassettes to run programs. Eventually, tape gave way to hard drives and CDs. We now use wireless storage. However, tape still has more advantages than hard disk storage, even with today's cutting-edge technology.

Tape is flexible, strong, and uses less power than a hard drive. Sony knows this all too well, and their recent tape technology allows for up to 185TB (yes, terabytes) of storage capacity. All of this storage is housed in a single cassette. That's a lot more storage per square inch than a hard drive will ever have. Tape isn't such an outdated means of storage after all.


Make Your Car Look Beautiful With Vinyl Tape

Tape isn't just used to hold things together. It can also be used for decoration. If you've ever seen a car with a flashy pin striping design, chances are it's custom vinyl tape. Obviously, hand-painting a car takes a long time and costs a lot of money. This has made vinyl coated tape a mainstay in the automotive graphics industry. The design starts with an image, which is then punched onto the vinyl. The vinyl tape can either be punched or un-punched.

Electrical Tape, Vinyl tape, Magnetic tapeOnce the image is transferred, the tape is then cut and sold in a roll. It's very similar to screen-printing a T-shirt. The tape can then be applied at a custom auto shop, or you can do it yourself. Thanks to vinyl tape, making a car look like a hot rod is much easier than it used to be.

At first glance, tape seems to be nothing more than a humble household item. Sure, it’s handy, but who would think it has any other use aside from sticking things together? The truth is there are dozens of different kinds of tape, and each can be used for different purposes—including applications driven by innovation. From storing millions of data units to fixing a laptop or decaling a car, tape and technology play nicely together.