6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Magnetic Tape

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Magnets are handy, and tape is great, but when you combine the two, you get something truly special. Magnetic tape has a decorated history and is still used today for technical applications. It is also perfect for fun projects and handy household hacks.

The History of Magnetic Tape

The idea of recording sound via a magnetic signal was first thought of in 1888. For the next few decades, the Germans led the efforts to improve magnetic recording. In 1929, a magnetic recording tape was patented, and the magnetophone was invented.

As World War II approached, development on the magnetic tape continued for military applications. The Allies realized that the Germans were ahead in this field and assigned technicians to capture and analyze enemy radio equipment. After they stumbled upon an advanced magnetophone, the US started to advance in this area.

The advanced magnetophone was demonstrated at an Institute of Radio Engineers meeting and caused a sensation. Eventually, word got around to Bing Crosby who used the magnetophone to record his radio programs. After that, magnetic tape took off.

It became a crucial recording medium in the information age. Audio formats included the cassette and 8-track tape. Video used it to record sound for motion pictures. It was eventually used for digital recording and computer memory.

What is It?

Magnetic tape is a plastic ribbon coated with magnetic material. It is available in several widths and can be used in audio, video and data storage. It is very stable and uses much less power than hard disc drives.

As CDs and DVDs became more prevalent, it seemed that magnetic tape was falling out of favor. But it is still widely used as back up memory for servers and databases. In 2014, Sony announced new tape technology that allows a magnetic tape cartridge to carry 74 times the data of conventional data tape, which is the equivalent of 3,700 Blu-ray discs.

Household Uses Today

While magnetic tape has technological applications, it can also be practical and fun. Below are 5 creative ways to use magnetic tape in your home.

  1. Stick photos on the refrigerator – Magnets can become overwhelmed by too many photos or drawings on the fridge and buying more can be expensive. Magnetic tape is a cost effective way to secure pictures to any metal surface. Stick it directly to the back of photos or attach it to clothespins that can be used to hold objects on the fridge.
  2. Hold hair clips – Bobby pins and hair clips can often get lost in the fray of a busy week. Secure electrical tape on a wall where you get ready and place clips and pins on it when you are done using them.
  3. Use them for the office – Paperclips are easily lost. Place magnetic tape around your pencil holder and clips will attach with ease. You can keep them within arm’s reach to secure and remove easily.
  4. Display crafts – As with photos, magnetic tape can be applied to various objects to stick on the fridge. Use it for learning purposes by printing words out and securing them to magnetic tape. Children and adults can create sentences on the fridge. Create fun holiday related crafts and attach magnetic tape to display them around your home.
  5. Create a secure bookmark – Forgetting which page you were on in a book is frustrating; create a bookmark that will never fall out with magnetic tape. Lay a foot-long strip of ribbon on a flat surface. Take two pieces of magnetic tape and secure them on either side. Make sure they aren’t touching in the middle. This allows the ribbon to bend in the center and the strips to attach to each other.
  6. Clean easier – Metal on the floor can be a hazard. Laceration injuries and tetanus exposure are two medical issues that are costly. To ensure there are no metal objects lying around your floor, attach magnetic tape to your dust pan. When you sweep, metal objects will get trapped on the magnet and can easily be disposed of.


Whether you are looking for a secure option for data storage or want to make creative household crafts, magnetic tape can be helpful. Browse our selection of Magnetic Tape, and contact us with any questions you may have.